I Believe

by Bless'Ed

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I'm kind of feeling that blind I don’t see the opposition
They behind me I'm not turning around while on this mission
The position I'm in it cause He called and I listened
And no Hes not on the cross nor dead any more He has risen
I was missing freedom He done came and freed me from that prison
and to all them hoping that I stop y'all go on keep on wishing
Got my feet fitted with the readiness no I ain't slipping
and I got it all on so ya go on keep on tripping
I'm not perfect so everyday me and God working at it
Some of y'all don’t know what its like see I used to be an addict
I hated that I had it but still I just had to have it
Just to forget who I was be cause my life was like the saddest
Then he took my heart and grabbed it thanks to him I kicked the habit
Now my habit is to take hip hop and just act like a savage
I'm not average far from it the devil must be embarrassed
He tried all that he could to stop this album yet here you have it, Bless'ed

I believe in You only
I know You’ll never leave me alone
You said “follow Me if your're lonely”
You could've left me all on my own
But You came and gave Your all
You saved me brought me home
& I appreciate Your sacrifice You made it right
And now I give You my all
I'm blessed cause of Your love

That I am nothing without Jesus I got no problem admitting
so I worship every second minute hour day and instant
I was lost He became my navigator like the Lincoln
And He offered me life so now in Him I keep on living
Wanna give a big shout out to B.T.D., Ed and my momma
I like this flow right here its like I could say what I Wanna
But I talk about the fact that cause of Christ I call him Abba
Man its nada homie if you against it see you manana
Adios sayonara see ya later now here we go
Every thing comes to a halt while I'm shooting like a free throw
I don’t play wit a demon see him play em like casino
And I throw em in Miami you can call me Dan Marino
Yes its Bless’Ed a servant of Jesus Christ I confess it
Try to live out as best as I can as I spread the message
That He came and died for my sin and 3 days later resurrected
And the wrong He’ll correct it all you got to do is accept it


released August 12, 2010
Producer - Jaeycol Federal



all rights reserved


LP Records Miami, Florida

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